2011, Daghang Salamat!

The room was dark and crowded. I could smell sweat, smoke and beer. Everyone wanted some space to pour their hearts out in clumsy reggae dance steps. Me included.

It was a week before Christmas, a few days before 2012. Everyone seemed to be having the time of their lives in that artsy nook, unmindful that the Sendong death toll had been alarmingly increasing. While many Cagayan, Dumaguete and Iligan residents were drowned in the flood, I closed my eyes to be drowned in my own ecstatic moment. I wonder if it was the Red Horses, the music, the disco lights or the fun company that ignited my once-in-a-blue-moon dancing guts. All I thought was constructive selfishness and it felt so good.

Time flew like a rocket last year, like how that reunion with my regular hang-out mates in Cebu lasted. In 2011, I earned an imaginary flowery crown of wonderful moments. I vowed to eternally love a stranger, bid goodbye to my preschool family, come back to my hometown after six long years of being away, passed a licensure exam and got hooked with Finn, Arthur, Ned, Sheldon and even Rumplestilskin. The sweet little things are worth mentioning too. I got myself a Stark mug from a fellow Game of Throne addict, watched a minute of fireworks from the rooftop, road an overcrowded elf to a camping site, wrote a formal testimony for a couple’s visa application, had beer with a carefree virtual colleague and tasted the sweetness of strawberry rum with another teacher.

The feet were amazed by the enchanted wonders of Surigao del Sur, the seawater of Guimaras, the ancient churches of Iloilo, the huge trees of Negros Oriental, the crystal clear waters of Moalboal, the sugar canes of Negros Occidental and the uniform tricycles of Tagum. I failed to capture most of my vagabonds in words. The second half of last year was spent writing for my other blogs, if not for clients.

In 2011, I collaborated with Dan for our preschool website, jot down love stories for wedding AVP’s, completed various SEO articles and even worked for a follower of this blog (yep, blogosphere led me to a new boss). Our new home in Hilsha became our office that turned out to be not as boring as I expected. We have a Japanese neighbor who keeps Pythons, iguanas and monitor lizards. Swallows bathe in the puddle or play in our yard’s sandy area. Dan also tied a hammock at the garage where he usually sketches and ponders. It broke down when we both sat on it, though.

This 2012, I haven’t really finalized my bucket list. So spontaneity is probably what I can offer for you this year. I may  not be able to regularly visit your blogs but I hope it won't stop you from walking down my avenue once in a while.


Chyrel Gomez said...

I had a very awesome 2011! And the new year isn't just about what happened, it's also about what's to come.

Cheers and Happy New Year, Kit! :)

Sam said...

2011 was one for the books for me! Can't wait to see what 2012 has! Happy New Year! I hope you can accomplish all your goals this year! :D